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Species commonly used by Nelson
Agathis - Excellent moulding, nailing and nail-holding characteristics.
Apitong - Sub-species used Kapur, Keruing, and Bangkirai
Kapur - Course but uniform. Exceptional glueing, nailing and screwing characteristics
Keruing - Moderately durable, strong and coarse. Highly acid resistant.
Meranti Batu - High density, moderately hard and resistant to wearing.
Nyatoh - High bending and crushing strength.
Para Angelim - Fast drying. Moderate warping and slight surface and end-checking.
Purple Heart - Exceptional strength, hardness and stability.
Ramin - Fine textured. Low natural resistance to decay.
Red Oak - Medium bending strength and stiffness with high crushing strength.
Sepetir - Fine textured but seasons well.
White Oak - Medium to course textured. Slow to dry and tendancy toward check, split and honeycomb.

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