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30-11-03 10:50

Odourless Toilets

WaterSave Logic's commercial development of the first low-cost odourless toilet.

For Immediate Release -Vancouver, BC - Sept 23, 2002 - It may not rank alongside the invention of the telephone, but WaterSave Logic Corporation, a Vancouver-based company, announced today the commercial development of the world's first low-cost odourless toilet. However, like the telephone and the television, it could become a standard fixture in almost every home in North America. Watersave chairman, David Nelson, says the odourless system creates air so fresh that a simple bar of soap or a vase of flowers can become the dominant fragrance in a bathroom. The cost is competitive in price with most conventional toilets. The odourless toilet is self-contained and utilizes a quiet, energy-saving, compact fan. Through a unique patented *Fresh Flow valve, the toilet vents odors outside, quickly eliminating any unpleasant smell in the bathroom. The product is currently undergoing final quality-control tests and will be distributed by Watersave Logic's subsidiary, WP Industries Inc., under the "Western" brand name which has been in existence for some 50 years. Besides the odourless feature, the toilet is also an ultra-low flush product which is now a mandatory requirement in new buildings in the United States and is becoming popular in Canada as a water conservation measure. Toilet flushing in the average home represents the largest daily water usage. Annual water savings in a home of some 33,000 gallons can be expected by using a low-flush toilet. Watersave Logic Corporation is a public company trading on the TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol: WTS.
For further information visit our website: www.watersavelogic.com or call: Corporate

Communications at 1-888-864-7372 or in Vancouver at: 1-604-646-5614
*Fresh Flow is a registered trademark To interview Mr. Nelson or for further information contact: Byron Cox at 1-888-864-7372
or email: byrongcox@yahoo.com


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